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From Alex to Lily: Singer explains name change

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After bursting on the local urban music scene in 2014 with her first album Black Kiss, the Lilongwe-based singer and self-professed activist decided to re-invent herself.


In a recent exclusive interview with MBC Online, the hummingbird explained the change from her stage gimmick Alex to her birth name Lily.


“When I first started singing, I thought it’ll only just be about singing but now all my other passions have come into the picture,” she said.


“My passion is to make sure that every single woman and girl child living in Malawi knows their rights, to have somebody stand up and say this is wrong and this should stop.



“I did not know that those ideas that I had concerning women and girl child rights were going to be listened to, to be quite frankly, but it seems that a lot of people want to hear what I have to say about these things.


“So whenever I’d go out and speak about the rights of women and girl child in Malawi, I’d use my real name and it just became really confusing to some people.


“I was known as Alex the singer and to other people I was known as Lily Banda the activist, therefore I decided that all these things must just come under one roof.


“That’s when I decided to make the change from Alex the singer to just Lily the singer, the poet, the activist, the radio personality, the voice actor and so on and so forth.



“So I’ve sort of just brought everything else that I do, I’ve brought all my passions in life under one roof which is Lily.


“That’s me, that’s now the Lily that I am, the Lily that I hope to be and the Lily that is looking forward to making more music and being part of your lives.


“You the guys that listen to and download my music plus show up at my shows are the ones that make my life worth living. You are the people that make my dreams worth pursuing.”


Lily is scheduled to release her latest project, an EP titled Odd Hours, at the end of the month of May.

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