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Ghana 1 Madagascar 2 – As it happened

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Catch our live coverage of the third COSAFA Cup 2015 quarterfinal between west African guest nation Ghana and Madagascar at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace on Monday.

Ghana XI: Fatau Dauda, Godfred Saka, Malik Akowuah, Michael Akuffu, Daniel Darkwah, Joshua Tijani, Alfred Nelson, Hans Kwofie,


Adams Ahmed, Yakubu Mohammed, Nathaniel Asamoah.

Madagascar XI: Jean Dieudonne, Njakanirina Tobisia, Fenolahy Zenith, Francois Andrianomenjanahary, Michael Rabeson, Simouri Olivier, Dina Razanakoto, Claudel Fanomezana, Lantoniaina Andriamanalina, Rinho Randriamanjaka, Martin Rakotoharimalala.

Referee: Joshua Bondo (Botswana); 1st Asst: Thembisile Windvoel (South Africa); 2nd Asst: Wilson Ntyamba (Angola); 4th Official: Nelson Fred (Seychelles).

FinalWhistle_LiveScore 1′ – We are under way in the quarterfinal clash between Ghana and Madagascar!

ShotWide_LiveScore 2′ – Darkwah has already shot on target and no problems for keeper of Madagascar.

ShotWide_LiveScore 3′ – Dauda comes out of his line to make a long clearance as Madagascar tried to chase a long ball.

Injury_LiveScore 4′ – Asamoah needs treatment outside field of play after being fouled.

ShotWide_LiveScore 8′ – Mohammed gets a long pass but looses his footing as he tried to shoot.

ShotWide_LiveScore 10′ – Free-kick for Ghana after Nelson is fouled. Mohammed skies his free-kick.

Offside_LiveScore 11′ – Ghana caught off-side as Asamoah tried to chase a long ball.

ShotWide_LiveScore 15′ – Asamoah slices the Madagascar defence open wide on the left with a pass which finds Mohamed, but Madagascar goalkeeper Dieudonne comes off his line to kick the ball away.

ShotWide_LiveScore 18′ – Madagascar hold their own closing spaces for Ghana. Zenith overlaps from right and crosses the ball which Dauda  saves.

corner 20′ – Ghana’s first corner after Madagascar clear ball. Kwofie flicks the ball into box, it comes off the post! The keeper grabs it after that.

ShotWide_LiveScore 23′ – Andriamanalina tries to curl the ball past Dauda, who gets his positioning right to grab the shot. Madagascar putting a brave show here!

ShotWide_LiveScore 25′ – Free-kick after Nelson is fouled. Ghana keep it simple and short allowing Madagascar to regroup.

ShotWide_LiveScore 27′ – Tobisoa tries to chip Dauda but the ball goes wide.

Goal_LiveScore 28′ - GOAL! Madagascar lead! A brilliant free-kick from Randriamanjaka beats Dauda all hands up! 1-0 and are we on for another shock?

ShotWide_LiveScore 30′ – Referee sends out Mohammed for wearing wrong undergarment. He is back after stuffing it back.

ShotWide_LiveScore 33′ – Free kick for Ghana as Zenith deflects a cross behind. Saka squares the ball, which ends in nothing.

Goal_LiveScore 37′ – GOAL! Ghana are level! Darkwah’s shot from range swerves, but Madagascar keeper Dieudonne should have done better! 1-1!

ShotWide_LiveScore 40′ – Free-kick for Ghana. Dina of Madagascar fouls Akuffu in Ghana’s half.

ShotWide_LiveScore 43′ – Michael fouls Akowuah to cost Madagascar a free kick. Long ball gets into box but keeper jumps to make a save.

ShotWide_LiveScore 44′ – Keeper Dieudonne comes off his line to stop a loose ball being chased by Asamoah.

Halftime_LiveScore HALFTIME – It’s 1-1 at the break in an even contest. Two great goals and plenty more action to come in the second half!

ShotWide_LiveScore 46′ – We are back under way in the second half!

YC_LiveScore 47′ – Yellow card for Razanakoto after he gets injured, but wakes up on his own.

Sub_LiveScore 49′ – Madagascar sub: Razanakoto out for Jean Claude Marobe.

ShotWide_LiveScore 52′ – Marobe shots wide from half way line!

ShotWide_LiveScore 55′ – Madagascar keeper Dieudonne dives low to stop a Mohammed shot which he spilled before recollecting it.

ShotWide_LiveScore 56′ – Ghana try to pick out Asamoah with a long ball, but retreating Madagascar defenders do well to escort ball out after blocking his path.

ShotWide_LiveScore 60′ – Mohammed speeds on the left and fires hard and low. Dieudonne makes a save.

ShotWide_LiveScore 62′ – Saka crosses the ball across the goal-mouth of Madagascar but there is no shirt in white to finish off the move.

Sub_LiveScore 63′ – Madagascar sub: Randriamanjaka comes out for Lantonirina Rabehasinmbola.

ShotWide_LiveScore 65′ – Mohammed turns and fires wide!

Sub_LiveScore 68′ – Ghana sub: Akowuah comes out for Isaac Twum.

ShotWide_LiveScore 71′ – Asamoah turns trying to shoot but Madagascar whip ball away as his effort is weak.

ShotWide_LiveScore 76′ – Tijani blocks Tobisoa’s clearance. Ball out in Madagascar half for their throw in.

ShotWide_LiveScore 78′ – Saka fouls Tobisoa for a Madagascar free-kick which yields little.

Sub_LiveScore 79′ – Ghana sub: Bernard Morrison comes on for scorer Darkwah.

YC_LiveScore 82′ – Yellow card for Tobisia.

Sub_LiveScore 83′ – Madagascar sub: Fanomezana Tojo Claudel comes in for Rajaoniasy.

ShotWide_LiveScore 85′ – Tobisoa’s poor clearance floats onto path of Mohammed, who realises late that the ball is in his path allowing the keeper to grab the ball.

Sub_LiveScore 86′ – Ghana sub: Kwame Boateng comes in for Asamoah.

Goal_LiveScore 90′ – GOAL! Have they won it! Madagascar score a brilliant goal through Simouri! Are the islanders into the semifinals?

FinalWhistle_LiveScore FULLTIME – Madagascar have done it! The heavyweights continue to fall! The islanders win 2-1 with a couple of brilliant goals!

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