Written by  Sam Phiri

Tindoz d'Afrique a shop designed to sell and promote African art has organized a two day Art exhibition slated to take place from June 5 to6 2015at Pacific Mall in area 10 Lilongwe.

some of the  products made by Malawians some of the products made by Malawians

The proprietor Terri Mashanda said in interview that the aim of Tindoz d'Afrique Art Exhibition is to promote and market Malawian art.

“The art gallery shop is a passion from within the heart whose vision is to promote and market African art, craft and other artifacts coming from Malawians as such the art exhibition will give us a platform to promote and market proudly Malawian art coming from talented Malawians,” said Mashanda.

Mashanda said talented Malawians on arts struggles to find expression in markets
“Tindoz d'Afrique is focusing on talented youth, women, and other artists whose works and talent struggle to find expression in Markets so the exhibition is one of initiatives to expose the talent.

Malawian culture, history and everyday life is captured most beautifully through the works of these artists from underprivileged backgrounds so the essence of the Tindoz d’Afrique is to promote and market these talents,” she said.

She said Tindoz d'Afrique is on a mission to assist these artists and ensure that their works finds the right market here in Malawi and abroad.

“Tindoz d'Afrique also assists with business training and counseling on how to manage their small businesses. For a business like Tindoz d'Afrique to succeed, it needs a steady reliable supply chain from these chosen artists, so it is of mutual interest that these artists develop into viable micro enterprises” she said..

Mashanda added that working with Tindoz d'Afrique, gives organization an opportunity to develop arts and crafts in Malawi, which in turn could serve as a corporate responsibility as you are contributing towards to uplift the under privileged talented Malawian artists, while at the same time enhancing the social relevance of your brand.

She expressed satisfaction with the response from Malawians since the shop was officially opened August 29, 2014.

“Tindoz d’Afrique iscommitted to developing art and craft, developing sustaining small and medium size enterprises in art and craft sector,” Mashanda said.

The artists who will be showcasing their work at the exhibition are Steve Phiri, William Chikomo,Blessings Chodala, William Mwale and Rod Chimpele among others.

She said the Tindoz d’Afrique Art Exhibition will become a regular feature on calendar event.

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