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Jillz puts in work

Written by  David Kapezi

The name King Jillz may not ring a bell in the ears of most local urban music fans but one look at his new music video tells you a story of a rapper who puts a lot of work into his music.

Jillz Jillz

In the new school hip-hop circles, he is the versifier whose fast-paced staccato of rhymes on his freshman single Shots Fired put the awe in ‘O.M.G’ for those who listened to his maiden offing.

A few years since and the fire is still audible in Jillz’s verses, but maturity, creativity and refinement are all evident in the motion picture to his latest single aptly titled Work.

The impressive black & white music video was directed by fast-rising shot-maker Prince Carth of Carthatic Films, the same brain behind the visuals to Gwamba’s street banger Zimuvuta.

Shot in the heart of Blantyre City, the music video does justice to the theme of the song by painting a picture of what it takes for an individual to climb out of a hole and jump for the skies, which is work.

Part of the visuals prominently feature a young man breaking-dancing in the middle of the road amid traffic while some scenes show Jillz rapping while his friends work-out in a makeshift gym.

“There are basically two things in that song. The hook is talking about the daily struggles we rappers go through, people hating while we’re trying to make it out there,” he stated.

“That’s what Work is all about so anybody anywhere trying to make it knows that it’s quite a hustle just for them to do so.

“Verse-wise, it’s just me rapping, you know, ignorance rap but then it’s me putting in work. It’s a whole different rap from Shots Fired, and that’s me putting in my part of the work on the song.

“So basically Work is just what it is. It’s what it says; putting in work to try and be at a level you want be at.”

The rhymester, born Jillz Mijiga, says it is that kind of work which has seen him improving not just as a rapper but also as an artist.

“From Shots Fired then to now, beats-wise, production-wise and everything else even lyric-wise it’s been way better, it’s been steps ahead,” he said.

“Coz like the Work video now I think it’s something new. It’s bigger than what I was doing back then so it’s been a pretty good journey.”

The Work music video is currently out and will soon be available for viewing on MBCTV.

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