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Jay walks over to Josh

Written by  David Kapezi

One of the country’s new crossover R&B hopefuls re-introduces himself to the local urban music industry by going back to his birth name.


Real name Joshua Ross Smith and originally from Zimbabwe, the artist formerly known as Jay Walker has decided to properly reveal himself to the music world simply as Josh.

Quizzed about what made him make the swift change of moniker from Jay Walker to Josh before his career had even taken off, the light-skinned songbird said: “I came up with the Jay Walker nickname when I was in High School.

“When I finished High School I asked myself if it’s really a name I’d want to use if I wanted to go on and make music. So I thought about it and decided to go with my real name and just cut it short so it should be Josh.”

Like many local and international artists, the genesis of Josh’s musical baby steps can be retraced to the church choir.

“I’ve always had a thing for music ever since I was a kid. I used to sing in a choir, at school and in church,” he revealed.

“After that I moved to Malawi in 2007. We moved to Namimawa and I started school at Joyce Banda Foundation and that’s where we used to have backpack school freestyles.

“That’s when I decided to have more of a liking towards music. After that I started recording as well and then I realised I needed a name and that’s how Jay Walker came about.”

Josh describes his brand of music as leaning towards R&B but is quick to state that he is quite versatile and can do a number of genres including rap and reggae.

That versatility is very much apparent in his first three songs It Aint You, Burning Skies and Lullaby recorded to serve as a genesis to his music story whose plot is only beginning to unravel.

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