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It aint you, it’s Josh

Written by  David Kapezi

Malawi’s latest R&B music sensation releases a song which is sure to wet the appetites of urban music fans in the country.


Sang over an easy on the ear mid-tempo beat, It Aint You sees Josh weave together lyrics and rhymes that tell a story of a guy who is approached by a girl in a club but is more interested in her friends.


“It Aint You started off as a joke that my friends said to me like; imagine going to a club and then you find that there’s a girl who wants you but you don’t really want her, you want her friend,” he revealed.


“So that just came out and I was like hey we should make a song about that and so my friend Jillz laced the beat and then I wrote the lyrics to it.”


In the end, beat-maker and songwriter breathed life into a theory that started off as a laugh but ended up being a potential hit.


“Said I can’t buy you a drink coz I don’t know what you’re name is / but I got my eye on your friend and the girl she came with / so it aint you,” sings the artist on the song’s bridge and chorus.


The almost four-minute long track is Josh’s first official single and serves as the Zimbabwean-born artist’s “Hello” to the country’s music scene.


The artist’s other recorded songs are Lullaby and Burning Skies.


“I’m just planning to achieve getting my music out to the people in order for them to know me,” said Josh.


Asked if there was any body of work on the offing to act as a follow up to his songs, Josh said: “There’s actually a project that Jillz and I are currently working on.


“It should be available around July or August. Jillz will be behind the beats while I’ll do the singing but it’s going to be a whole different sound.”


It Aint You is available for download at

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