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A money man before his monument

Written by  David Kapezi

“Am searching for that money mehn, money mehn / I call these hommies monuments, monuments,” an infectious hook flies an ordinary pitch as a king of all birds addresses the flock in the music industry.


In his latest 2015 offing, Black Falcon Bird (BFB) talks about becoming one of the money men before history is made and the world erects his monument.


After years of making hits for some of the country’s prominent artists including Gwamba, Nesnes and Bingolingo, his new single Monument continues to show the producer-cum-rapper can more than hold his own on the microphone.


“Everybody keeps talking about money but tell me how many can really make it?” the first verse starts with a presentation of a conundrum that comes in the form of a question the versifier poses to the world.


The bars that follow carry the sort of brutal honesty powerful enough to open a can of worms if BFB’s ‘targets’ are to take it with a pinch of salt.


“It aint a joke am talking about truth mehn / broke people talk a lot that’s the proof mehn / progress is never mentioning words / it’s money type of issues, we’re talking about figures,” he continues to rap.



In short, Monument is a no-brag-just-fact kind of song that sees the artist reveal how the story of his career contains chapters of hard work as the plot behind what it takes to make it in the music industry.


“Each time you hommies will be sleeping, I’ll be working / the time you’ll be working, with you I’ll be working,” includes part of the song’s second verse.


Throughout the song, BFB displays controlled aggression and exudes confidence as he draws a rough sketch of himself as a product of limitless talent, relentless effort and a lot of hard work.


Co-produced by Marvin Hanke Jnr, Monument is a follow-up to Grind Hard and was released on 1 June under the artist’s Exclusive Entertainment label.

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