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Salanje makes Mascot ‘embarrassingly rich’

Written by  David Kapezi

A musical mascot receives its own good luck charm as a simple release of a song with a trendy topic results into one of the year’s most rewarding stories on the local urban scene.


Barely hours after releasing his latest single Ngati Salanje, Mascot’s idea to jump on the recent talk of social media bore the kind of fruits never seen on any orchard.

South African based Malawian pastor Hastings Salanje’s ‘embarrassingly rich’ phrase had been trending on Facebook and Twitter for days, and the artist was instantly inspired.

“I’d been quiet for a couple of months and decided to break the silence with a single so I called GD of the Daredevils to make a beat for me,” he said.

“When I got the beat I had so many crazy concepts on my mind that i was failing to decide on just one. Then I paused for a moment and thought of what was the hot topic at that moment.

“That's when I realised lots of people on social media were talking about this Salanje guy and in my mind I said yeah that's it.

“I wrote two verses of the song and went to record it at Chit-chat Records with DJ Sley where I added a third and last verse on the song in the form of a freestyle.”

In a move that caught tabloid writers off guard, Pastor Salanje responded on social media and announced that he would buy the Ngati Salanje song for a whopping K100,000.

No sooner had the man of God made Mascot ‘embarrassingly rich’ than his son Gift followed suit by handing the artist the same amount of money to help him shoot the song’s music video.

It was a double impact neither the rapper’s fans nor his critics saw coming, certainly something Mascot himself never envisioned when he decided to record the song.

“When I came back, I decided to post it on my Facebook page and surprisingly the next morning I found a post by Pastor Salanje saying he was going to buy my song at K100,000,” he revealed.

“I was so excited and to be honest I thought it was just a joke until I finally got the money from him (Salanje).

“After listening to the song, his son Gift was impressed and said he’d give me another K100,000 for me to shoot a video. That means I've managed to get K200,000 from a single song. I praise God for that.”

“You might also be interested to know how I used my first hundred grand,” he teased.

“I gave the whole of it to my mum as an appreciation for everything she ever did for me. I will use it the second hundred grand for the video shoot of the song.”

Ngati Salanje is off the GLC Mixtape, was released on 8 June and is available for download on

The song’s music video is set to be shot during the weekend of 13-14 June.


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