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General Kanene out of Jail

Written by  Sam Phiri

Zambian President Edger Lungu has pardoned Clifford Dimba popularly known as General Kanene urging him to be an ambassador in the fight against Child defilement.

Kanene(L) Lungu and Pilato Kanene(L) Lungu and Pilato

Kanene well known for his vulgar lyricism was jailed in April last year to serve 18 years in prison for defiling a 14 year old girl.

Since the jail sentence, the sapato yamwana star has been noted to have turned himself into a very strong supporter of President Lungu.

This seems to have resonated well with President Lungu as recently while in jail, General Kanene released a damning reply to singer Pilato’s satirical jab titled Alungu Anabwela, in which he took aim at the Head of State describing him as visionless. General Kanene’s reply was a corruption of Paul Ngozi’s Tiyeni timupase Ulemu mukazi wapa nyumba.

In response, Kanene trashed Pilato as a mad person because he smokes marijuana urging him to respect the Head of State, and pointing to some developmental projects currently in progress under Lungu`s leadership.
He christened President Lungu as Zambia`s Barrack Obama who deserves respect.

Apart from Kanene, the president has also commuted the death sentences of all 332 condemned prisoners at Kabwe’s Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison to life imprisonment.

The President said this is in exercise of the powers vested in him by Article 56 of Zambian constitution.


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