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Trappa exudes confidence

Written by  David Kapezi

“Haters are going to hate, so why not piss them off even more?” Trappa’s new song masquerades as a swashbuckling advocate of infinite swagger and self-confidence.


Aptly titled Matama, the artist’s latest offing is a musical exhibition of braggadocio that can be best described as a no-holds-barred unapologetic slap in the face of haters.


Laced by his ‘day one’ producer Manje, it is Trappa’s first track under his new hosts Uhura Verified management group after breaking away from long-time affiliates Beatbox Music Entertainment.

“Lamulo one, kuthamanga / lamulo two, ndalama / lamulo three, matama,” he raps on the second verse while dripping with swag juice over the hard-hitting trap beat.


“The whole song is about self-confidence and seeing the positives in oneself,” the rhymester said during a recent interview with MBC Online.


Trappa says Matama is a musical illustration of how much he has evolved as an artist and the genesis of a new-found sound: “This is the new Trappa, new sound, it’s fearless, an international sound.


“Mainly it’s just giving people a taste of what’s to come, what’s new about me, the sound and everything. Practically what I can say is it’s about the new sound and the new era, the new school.

“It’s not part of a project per see but it’s just a taste of what’s to come on the other singles that’re going to be dropping.”


However, the self-assured artist acknowledged the challenges that exist in as far as penetrating, breaking through and making in-roads on the global music front.


“In general, I think the biggest challenge we Malawian artists face out there is acceptance,” he conceded.


“I found that it’s kind of hard for the market outside (Malawi) to accept us. You talk about the big media outlets like MTV, I think it’s hard for them to accept us because of the standards that we portray.


“So I think we have to try and find plus top those standards so that we can break those borders. It’s going to be a tough road but hard work and dedication is all we need.”


Quizzed as to when people should expect the visuals to Matama, Trappa remained tight-lipped but assured fans that the single’s music video will eventually see the light of day.


“The music video will come in due time. I can’t say the actual date or give out specific details but the music video will definitely come in due course,” he revealed.


“The music videos are important for people to get a better aspect of the vision behind the song rather than just listening to it, so definitely that’s going to come.”


Meanwhile you can listen to a snippet of the track online at http://www.soundcloud/uhuraverified or request the whole song on various radio stations in the country.

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