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Tay Grin hails MBC for promoting urban music

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Malawian urban award winning artist Tay Grin has hailed Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) for promoting urban youth talent.

Tay Grin performing during the show Tay Grin performing during the show

Limbani Kalirani popularly known as Tay Grin in music circles made the remarks during his Southern Region Awards Celebration Tour at a show held at Chichiri Upper Stadium in Blantyre.


“MBC plays a vital role in promoting urban music, by showcasing artists' music on their channels for the overall public to appreciate,” said Chipapapa hit maker also known as Nyau King among his followers.

MBC was among the official sponsors of the free show that was patronized by a lot of youths around Blantyre.


One of the youths who attended the show Chisomo Gondwe, a student at the Polytechnic described the show as one of the best ways to unwind after a hectic week on campus.


“I am a great fan of Tay Grin and I never get tired of seeing him in action; after a very busy week this is what I needed,” said the student.


In her remarks, MBC spokesperson Chembezi Mhone said such partnerships are crucial in fostering sustainable urban music development in the country. She added that the Corporation has several programs aimed at entertaining and developing the youth in Malawi.


Mhone cited programs like Born and Bred, Youth Magazine, The Vibe, Made on Monday, among others, as key in rare young talent identification.


“One of our core mandates is to entertain, and we ensure that we provide content appealing to all Malawians including the youth. Tay Grin is one of the iconic and recognizable names in the urban music sector; and we felt supporting this show will go a long way in promoting the up-and-coming artists featured during the event,’ said Mhone.


Meanwhile, 2 by 2 hit maker has promised to continue working with artists and share knowledge on the importance of business in music. He described his Lilongwe and Blantyre experience as a milestone and committed to conduct workshops during his Mzuzu tour where he will give his fans insights on how to monetize their brands and sustain a career in the music industry.

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