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Uhura Verified wants to amplify your brand

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Imagine having an artistic, music or business product without knowing how to turn it into the perfect package and make the most of it.


That is where Uhura Verified comes in to help ease the hustle artists and companies go through when it comes to developing and managing their brand.


According to Rina, who is the management group’s talent, public relations and media liaison, the new company offers individuals and other entities an opportunity to properly market themselves and their work.


“Uhura Verified is a public relations company that focuses on brand development and management for the corporate world as well as individuals, so it’s about PR, events and talent management,” she said.


Asked as to which artists the management group is currently handling, Rina said: “As of now, there’s myself and then there’s Trappa.”


To put it into perspective, Uhura Verified is the brains behind the the production and promotion of Trappa’s first post-Beatbox Music Entertainment single Matama.



The management group’s A&R sound engineer Manje (also formerly of Beatbox Music Entertainment) produced the song.


They also designed the song’s artwork, set up a photo-shoot plus interviews for the artist aside from assembling his press kit among others.


They are currently helping Trappa with the visuals to the song.


Aside from the artist, Rina said the management group is currently also working with one of the companies in the corporate world.


“We’ve also gone into the corporate world and we’re sorting out events for a newly put-up classified ads listing website, so we’re working on a program with them as well,” she revealed.


According to Rina, is the name of the classified ads website and Dibs Africa Ltd is the company which runs the site.



The former Beatbox Music Entertainment artist also gave an in-sight into Uhura Verified’s main objective and vision.


“As a company, Uhura Verified is actually a division of Vibe Media which is pretty much a marketing agency,” she disclosed.


“Vibe Media focuses on things to do with promotion, design, audio and visual advertising and that’s usually directed to the corporate group.


“But as Uhura Verified, it’s now more centralized. We want to be an agent or a communication house whereby if artists want to push a certain song, they can come to us and we’ll assist them with that.


“If they want us to help them with imaging, whether it’s a photo-shoot, attire, location setting for videos or production, we’re able to handle everything along the path of that person’s career.”


Individuals or companies interested in working with Uhura Verified can approach the management group via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , on their Facebook page Uhura-Verified or on Twitter @UhuraVerified.


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