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Police tip fishers to follow weather forecast

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Police in the Northern region have advised fishers on Lake Malawi to follow weather forecast on radio and other weather platforms to avoid drowning incidences which are on increase in the region.

Fishers like these are suppose to be following weather forecast Fishers like these are suppose to be following weather forecast

The appeal comes following a record of 46 drowning cases since January this year across the Northern region alone.


According to Northern region police assistant public relations officer Martin Bwanali, the figure is worrisome.


"Many people are dying and this is a cause for worry. We have recorded 46 cases since January and most of the victims are fishers.


"Fishers are supposed to listen to weather forecast on radios or watch on TV before going into the lake to avoid drowning as a result of strong winds,” Bwanali said.


Besides, he advised people to avoid swimming in the lake while drunk and going into deep waters.


"When there are any social events at the lake, people should enjoy responsibly and avoid loss of life," he advised.


The Department of Meteorological Services regularly sends weather forecasts to various media outlets for broadcast to enable people protect themselves from harsh conditions.

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