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TNM introduces mobile marketing platform, “Msika 500”

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Mobile network and ICT service provider TNM Plc is proud to announce launch of a mobile marketing platform dubbed Msika500 available on the phone by simply dialling *500#.

Makata: This is for business efficiency Makata: This is for business efficiency

Msika 500 will host a wide range of products and services, which customers can order from different suppliers and selling points.

Announcing its launch, TNM Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Daniel Makata said the Msika 500 provides connectivity to customers to develop their businesses.

“Introduction of Msika 500 is specifically designed for customers who want to maximize on the usage of mobile platform in promoting access to markets, products and services. This is one of our innovation packages that come as a combination of offerings of wide scope of customer preferred business platforms,” said Makata.

Makata said the introduction of Msika 500 is a continuation of TNM efforts to improve lives of Malawians and bringing out solutions that transforms and creates possibilities for both individuals and businesses.

“Msika 500 is here to address challenges facing both entrepreneurs and consumers in identifying markets for their goods and services as it provides a link to sellers and buyers by offering a common linkage to businesses,” he said.

He said through Msika 500 TNM users will have an opportunity to both upload products for advertising and get information on what they would like to buy on the trending markets using a USSD code on TNM.

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