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Vuwa urges people to vote for DPP

Written by  Alexander Theu MBC Stringer
Nkhata Bay Central Constituency, aspiring Member of Parliament for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Symon Vuwa Kaunda has called upon people ofKalambwe to vote for him as an MP and Arthur Peter Mutharika as President in the coming Tripartite Elections.
Vuwa Kaunda stressing a point to electorates Vuwa Kaunda stressing a point to electorates
Vuwa said this on Sunday during a political campain rally held at Kalambwe in the area of Group Village Headman Japi, Senior Chief Mkumbira in Nkhata Bay district.
He said that they have to vote for him considering the developmental projects he facilitated during the time he was mandated as an MP for the constituency citing the bus depot, new Nkhata Bay District Hospital, Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay road among others all of which were his initiatives.
"You have to vote for me as an MP, you saw what I delivered during the time you gave me  authority. Give me the votes again,” appealed Vuwa to the gathering.
Vuwa who is the Director of Logistics for the DPP and Presidential Advisor on Youth also added that they have to vote for the incumbent President Arthur Peter Mutharika for presidency to guarantee continued development.
”You also have to vote for Arthur Peter Mutharika as President of this country for continued development in this district,” added Vuwa.
He also assured electorates that if given a chance into the National Assembly he will construct a Primary School at Majiga so as to curb long distances for young school going children and reduce the risks of road accidents.
”I will construct a primary school at Majiga in order to reduce distances young children walk to school,” assured Vuwa.
Asked on the funding of the school project, Vuwa said that he will facilitate it through the District Development Fund (DDF), the Community Development Fund (CDF) and with assistance from other relevant organisations like World Vision.
”We will construct the school with the DDF or the CDF and also with assistance from organisations like World Vision Malawi, UNICEF," responded Vuwa.
Vuwa Kaunda is one of the five contestants for the parliamentary seat in the approaching Tripartite Elections scheduled for the 21st of May 2019.

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