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UDF shadow MP encourages people to vote for UDF on May 21

Written by  Bonface Chisale MBC Stringer
Aspiring Member of Parliament for United Democratic Front (UDF) in Balaka Central East constituency Judith Laja has advised people in the constituency to vote for the UDF presidential candidate and vote for her as member of parliament in order to boost development in the area.
UDF's Atupele Muluzi addressing a rally UDF's Atupele Muluzi addressing a rally
Laja said this during a whistle-stop tour on Sunday in some areas of the constituency where president for the UDF Atupele Muluzi conducted.
In his speech, Muluzi advised people in Balaka Central East constituency to vote for Judith Laja as member of parliament so that the area should develop.
“When voted as president for this country on May 21 I will make sure that people should be receiving not less than MK80, 000.00 per month,” said Muluzi.
Speaking to MBC online, the shadow MP, Judith Laja, encouraged people to vote for her since she has already initiated some developments projects in the area which include rehabilitation of boreholes, construction of bridges and working on roads which were in bad state.
“Boreholes provide safe and potable water for people to drink and other uses since water is life,” said Laja.
“I have not left out the youth in my constituency as I am engaging them in various sporting activities like football and netball bonanza and on top of that am giving short loans to them so that they should find something to do in order for the youth to be financially stable,” concluded Laja.

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