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MALAWI re-elects APM, cruises to victory with 152,969 votes in winner takes it all

Written by  Felix Mponda

Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Monday was re-elected President after a close contest with his main rival Lazarus Chakwera of MCP, cruising to victory with 152, 969 votes in the winner takes it all.

Professor President -Elect: Geared to start his last term Professor President -Elect: Geared to start his last term

Mutharika, who now starts his last term as Head of State,  scooped 1,940,709 votes , representing 38.57 percent, while his rival Chakwera bagged 1,787, 740 votes, representing 35.41 percent.

Saulos Chilima of UTM came third with 1, 018, 369, representing 20.24 percent.

Overton Chimulirenjui , Mutharika’s his running mate, becomes vice president of Malawi.

MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah announced the results after the High Court in Lilongwe removed an injunction by MCP which restrained MEC from announcing the presidential election results, MCP had accused MEC of rigging.

“By the powers vested in me by the Section 80(2) of the Constitution as read with Section 96(5) of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act, I, Justice Dr Jane Mayemu Ansah, SC, JA, hereby declare candidate Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the President Elect of Malawi and Everton Herbert Chimulirenji as vice-president Elect of Malawi following the 21st May 2019 presidential election,” Ansah said, to ululation by DPP top officials at the Comesa Hall in Blantyre.

Blantyre immediately burst into hooting of horns, song and a celebratory mood. Traffic snailed slowly.

Ansah said the Commission has “thoroughly reviewed all the complaints that were lodged for the Presidential Election and we declare the Presidential Elections to be free and fair and these results are the true reflection of the will of the people of Malawi.”


Professor John Eugenes Chisi, Umodzi Party, got 19,187 votes representing 0.38 percent 7 I, while Reverend Hadwick Kaliya, Independent, 15,726 votes representing 0.31 percent.

Peter DSD Kuwani, Mbakuwawaku Movement for Development (MMD), received 20,369 votes representing 0.40 percent. Atupele Muluzi, United Democratic Front (UDF), 235,164 votes representing 4.67 percent

The MC Chair extended the Commission’s “heartfelt congratulations” to the President Elect and his vice.

“You have been elected by the people of Malawi to lead them into a brighter future. You have been bestowed with the heavy responsibility of leading the development agenda of the nation for the next five years. I urge you to work and perform to your best and not betray the trust and confidence of the people of Malawi who have elected you as their President and Vice President.”

To losers, she said “this is the decision of the majority of Malawian voters and we must accept it with grace and generosity. And I encourage you to continue to play your part in building Malawi into a greater nation.”

To Malawians, Ansah said: “ I wish to say that what binds us together as Malawians is much stronger than what separates us into political parties. Let us all work together to serve our country and to give our future generation a better, stronger and prosperous country.”

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