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Written by  Tasungana Kazembe

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called on politicians to prevent conflicts and protect people irrespective of their race, nationality, beliefs or other  stereotypes.

File photo: Refugees captured outside UNHCR office in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. File photo: Refugees captured outside UNHCR office in Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

UNHCR Commissioner, Filippo Grandi has appealed in a statement as part of commemorating World Refugee Day.


Grandi says more than 82.4 million men, women and children have had their worlds turned upside down by war, violence and persecution.


‘’In the past three years alone, one million children were born into a life of exile. What will their future hold? What opportunities will they have to achieve their potential?’’ Grandi argued.


Grandi has urged leaders to step up efforts and work together to solve today’s global challenges.


‘’While the rest of us spent much of the last year at home to stay safe, they had to run from their homes just to stay alive. Also, as world leaders are seemingly unable or unwilling to make peace, more and more displaced people pay the price.’’ He said.


World Refugee Day is an opportunity to celebrate the fortitude of refugees who have been stripped of everything and yet carry on, often bearing the visible and invisible wounds of war, persecution and the anxiety of exile. 




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