Written by  Mirriam Kaliza

One of the celebrated tech entrepreneurs in South Africa and beyond, Mandla Lamba, has been nominated for the prestigious Global Emerging Awards by the Global Council for Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT).

Lamba excited by the nomination Lamba excited by the nomination

Lamba who is the founder and CEO of Agilitee SA (Pty) Limited is also the pioneer of the first electric vehicles and green technology company based in South Africa.


Reacting to the nomination news, Lamba took it to his social media platforms where he said "I am completely speechless, just got nominated for a global leadership award. There is no one like my God, will wholeheartedly serve only him for the rest of my life and thank you GCPIT."


He further said that when he started his dream six years ago, he had no experience in the industry, however, all he knew was that he was going to do something that no black man has ever done in the technology history of the world.


The global emerging awards are given to individuals who have made a significant contribution in their fields. The awards are based on the quality of the applicant's work as well as the scope of their impact on the community or a country.


Over the years, Agilitee has manufactured several high tech assorted items including the manufacturing of an artificial intelligent Smart TV, an AI Kettle, Al phone holder among other things in 2021.


All the products are already on the market.


Recently, the company also launched an AI refrigerator which enables one to watch their favourite TV programs while in the kitchen. The fridge also has a system that allows connecting all other appliances and operating them from the fridge.


According to Agilite Users can even have a conversation with the fridge as it also has a facility that recognises voices and follows instructions.


"With this fridge, there is no need to defrost in an oven, because the fridge does it all at your instruction," said Dr Lamba.


Meanwhile, Agilitee has opened a shop in Zimbabwe to be followed by Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Zambia among other countries.



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