Malawi starts mandatory SIM card registration

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The mandatory registration of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards  became effect on June 1, countrywide, Minister of Information, Communication and ICT Nicholous Dausi has said.


This comes hot on the heels of various crimes committed using mobile phones, as Malawi is the only country in the Southern African region that do not register SIM cards.

Dausi said SIM cards are not supposed to be sold anyhow as users need to register them with the service providers.

“Everybody who would like to have a telephone number must register with service providers, failing which, one will not be allowed to have a local SIM card,” said Dausi, citing the Communications Act.

Dausi said the registration of SIM cards will among others, expose people who have the tendency to threaten and insult other through mobile phones.

Dausi said  said SIM card registration will reduce incidents of fraud and crime as well as documenting the total subscriber base.

In the Communications Act, Malawi Regulatory Authority (Macra) has SIM card registration statutory mandate.

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