Mutharika calls for peace, bashes Reverend Chakwera, MCP for inciting mayhem

Written by  Felix Mponda

Malawi's re-elected President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Thursday called for peace, calm and order as he bashed MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera for inciting violence and mayhem.

Re-elected President Mutharika: Calls on Malawians to maintain peace, love and unity. Re-elected President Mutharika: Calls on Malawians to maintain peace, love and unity.

In a national address broadcast on MBC TV and Radio 1, Mutharika, who was last week declared winner in the presidential race following the May 21 vote, said he was “advisably informed that the real goal of Reverend Chakwera is to ignore the democratic electoral process and its results, to create chaos and civil unrest using lives of unsuspecting innocent Malawians to take over Government by violence and force.


“This will not be allowed,” the President vowed, urging Malawians to “reject anyone wanting to use your life as a pawn for power hungry politicians.”


He called on Malawians to maintain peace, love and unity at all times and reject leaders who “terrorise and threaten the lives of our families and children.”


Intrusion into Capitol Hill


Mutharika narrated that MCP supporters intruded into the sprawling Capitol Hill in Lilongwe-the seat of government- causing violence and mayhem.


“These MCP supporters interrupted civil servants and other people who were working at Capitol Hill and forced each one of them to leave the Capitol Hill, “the President said.


“These are civil servants who are working hard for this country to keep our children going to school, to provide medicine and keep our hospitals saving our lives and to keep our businesses running every day.”


He said recently Chakwera, who was thrashed by over 150,000 votes by Mutharika, had called for the MCP to cause “violence and bloodshed in order to bring chaos in this country.”


“We have seen Reverend Chakwera and some members of his party threatening judges and insulting our police officers for doing their job,” he added.


Mutharika said the background to this violence was the May 21 poll which “all international observers declared peaceful, free, fair and credible.”


He said while counting of votes was in progress and before the winner was known, Malawi congress party “started pressuring MEC to declare Reverend Chakwera as the winner.”


"Suddenly," he said, "MCP went to court to stop MEC from announcing the same results they had pressured the EC to announce.


“After their injunction was vacated, results were announced and I was declared the winner. Then MCP has gone to court again to ask the court to nullify the results."


Illegal demonstrations


He said instead of waiting for the court to do its job and the judicial process to take its course, Reverend Chakwera “is mobilizing illegal demonstrations that are disrupting everybody’s life.”


The President said before the demonstrations, “we have seen a disturbing wave of violence being inflicted on innocent Malawians soon after Reverend Chakwera called for violence in his statement. Most Malawians are now wondering what Reverend Chakwera wants.”


He said Malawians should reject Chakwera’s lawlessness by maintaining “our respect for judges.”


Country of laws


“We are a country of laws and judges are custodians of law. We must allow them to do their job without influence or hindrance.”


Mutharika, who has started his last and second term that ends in 2024, called upon all political leaders to “avoid inciting their followers to violence and anarchy.”


“We must reject criminality in strongest terms and protect our democracy from returning to the dark era of Malawi Congress Party dictatorship and brutalit


He also appealed to all traditional leaders, civil society organisations and religious leaders “to join my government and all peace-loving Malawians in rejecting the spirit of violence and anarchy displayed by Reverend Chakwera and the MCP.”


Security agencies to protect Malawians


The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces advised Malawians that he had ordered “our security agencies including the Malawi Police Service and Malawi defence Force to protect innocent Malawians and their properties from those that want to cause violence and disorder.”


He warned that any person inciting and perpetrating disorder will be “arrested and brought to book to face justice.”


Mutharika was sworn-in last week in Blantyre at a colourful ceremony before a capacity crowd at the Kamuzu Stadium.

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