PIL donates to tennis player

Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula

Petroleum Importers Limited-PIL has assured Lawn Tennis Association of Malawi of its commitment to improve the sports discipline in the country. 

Kadango (right) during the press briefing Kadango (right) during the press briefing

General Manager for Petroleum Importers Limited Enwell Kadango was speaking in Blantyre during a sponsorship presentation to Ramesh Banda to travel to a Tennis Tournament in Morocco.

The company has donated K1.7 million to the 12-year-old boy.

“Fuel and sports go together as no fuel no sports activities,” Kadango said.

Kadango also urged other organisations to follow suit in an effort to improve sporting activities in the country.

He said the private sector were duty bound to assist government in the development of the nation.

Kadango then urged Ramesh Banda to work hard so that Malawi be on the Map. He said he is happy that his organisation is associating with sports in the country.

He also assured the nation of enough fuel reserves in the country.

“We are able to have fuel cover of 40 days and all this is happening because of the stability of the local currency [Kwacha].

General Secretary for Lawn Tennis Association of Malawi Christopher Kachale hailed PIL for the donation which would enable the boy to prepare for the tournaments in Morocco.

He said he would ensure that the sponsorship is put to good use.

Speaking to the press Ramesh Banda a boy from Mzuzu was all smiles.

He commended PIL for the support and assured the nation that he will strive to win a gold medal from the tournament in Morocco to impress the sponsors.
Ramesh Banda is an orphan who lost both parents but inspires the nation through his skills in Lawn Tennis as he has dominated in all the national leagues in the country.

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