Bullets get K1.4m in Sapota Mapeto

Written by  Patrick Lunda

Bullets FC have maintained dominating the TNM Sapeto Mapeto Promotion following the first monthly draw held on Tuesday in Blantyre.

MBC's journalist Patrick Tawakali during the draw MBC's journalist Patrick Tawakali during the draw

Of the total 70,794, Bullets recorded 39,023 SMs hits pocketing K1,474,445 while their bitter rivals Mighty Be Forward Wanderers earned K991,445 from 26,688 SMs hits.

Lilongwe giants Silver Strikers came third with a distant K169,200 from 3,150 hits.

TNM head of marketing Webster Mbekeani described the statistics of the first monthly draw as impressing.

“We are very happy to get such many hits just for the first month. It’s really encouraging. But we believe supporters can do better because we are running Sapota Mapeto to try and help the teams so the more the supporters send SMs the better their teams’ welfare,” Mbekeani said.

Mbekeani also urged the supporters from all the teams to participate in the promotion to generate money for their teams.

“With time as we sensitise and educate them to send their SMs we should get more people to participate in the Sapota Mapeto promotion thereby improving the welfare of their teams,” he said.

He also appealed to other teams to send more SMSs to generate more revenue and improve the welfare of their teams.

“I believe as supporters of other teams are seeing how Bullets supporters are doing in contributing to the welfare of their teams I am sure they feel jealousy and want to do more to outdo Bullets thereby we should get the welfare of football teams more improved,” he said.

To make this year’s promotion unique TNM has made an initiative to engage club supporters for them to know more about Sapota Mapeto and embrace the concept.
So far TNM has engaged Bullets and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers supporters.

The Super League sponsor has also introduced media awards for the coverage of the Sapato Mapeto Promotion.

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