Blood suckers saga: 9 killed in mob justice incidences,Police nab 47 suspects

Written by  MBC Online

Nine people from five districts suspected to have been blood suckers have been killed in mob justice’s incidences, as Police arrest 47 suspects who have been charged with murder, erecting illegal roadblocks and damaging property, Police national spokesman James Kadadzera says.

Kadadzera: Blood sucking rumours are a myth. Kadadzera: Blood sucking rumours are a myth.

Kadadzera said the districts where this happened are Chitipa, Karonga and Mzimba in the North, and Kasungu, Ntchisi and Mchinji from the Centre.

The mobs attack strangers suspecting them to be ‘blood suckers’, Police said. In Mzuzu and Nkhata bay, mobs are said to be have been searching bloodsuckers in homes and rest houses, victimizing innocent people and kill those they suspect to be blood suckers.


Kadadzera says rumours of blood sucking were myths which Police had probed and had found no tangible evidence to support blood sucking.


He attributed the attacks and killings to jealousy, illiteracy and poverty which force citizens to take law into their own hands and kill suspected blood suckers.


In Mzimba alone, 27 out of 37 people have been arrested where last week one person was burned for being suspected to be a blood sucker, while another fled with injuries.


Anthology experts say reports of blood-sucking stem from economic hardships and inequalities, or the rich versus the poor.

The thinking is that the poor believe the rich are greedy and suck blood of poor people.

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