Surestream boot out six players on indiscipline

Written by  Patrick Lunda

Surestream Football Academy has re-opened after a three-month break to start a new lease of life following a fallout with former Technical Director Peter Mponda.

Surestream Academy Surestream Academy

But Surestream Academy Manager Patrick Kulemeka said six players were expelled for acts of indiscipline during the break.


He said the players went against the academy’s advice not play to play for any other club.


“We have dismissed six players that were not honest and did not take their instruction and were playing double standards,” Kulemeka said.


He said the disciplinary action would instill discipline in the players.


“This is also to tell them that whoever is coming to Surestream when they go out they should be in control. We are making an investment both on the education side but also on the playing field,” he said.


He also disclosed that the academy would reinforce performance reviews for the players every three months.


“We will have reviews at the moment every 12 weeks where players will be advised, be told of their progress and whoever is going to slacken up will be told to pull up their socks.


Surestream Academy Public Relations Manager Linda Gombera said none of the coaches has been dismissed.


“We are started well and I would like to emphasise that all th coaches are here. No one has been fired as it was alleged.

Gombera said the academy had lined up surprises for the players.

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