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We remain developmental conscious - DPP

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The Democratic Progressive Party-DPP has called on people of Mbwatalika area in Lilongwe rural to concentrate on the ruling party and not to waste time with the opposition parties as the DPP is the only party that can develop this country.


Speaking at a rally, Deputy National Campaign Director for the DPP Samuel Philimoni said the party has proven that it can deliver and the trust that people have built makes it the only eligible party to continue ruling the country for next five years.

Philimoni said the party will continue to mobilize support during this campaign period and remind people of the developmental activities that the DPP led government has implemented saying the party will continue to drive the country in to the right direction is as far as development is concerned.

“This is the right time for us as a nation to look into the achievements that we have made and look forward to more achievements. As a party, we pledge to continue giving you life changing development such as good road networks that will improve the socio-economic development of the people,” said Philimoni.

One of the members of the National Governing Council in the DPP Dean Josiah Banda said President Professor Peter Mutharika deserves to be given a chance as he is the only one who can continue to take Malawi to another level.

“We can bear testimony to the many achievements that government under President Mutharika has achieved. We have seen a tremendous transformation of the nation during the 5 years that DPP has been in power. The President will continue to give us such developments as we continue to rule the country after 21st May 2019,” said Josiah Banda.

During the rally, Gray Kapute was unveiled as the shadow MP for Lilongwe South West who will represent the ruling DPP in the forth coming tripartite elections and said time has come for the area to develop to its full potential as the opposition has failed to bring development to the people.

Such kinds of rallies are initiatives organized by the Democratic Progressive Party as a way of bringing the party to the people and appreciate the grassroots structure of the party.

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