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NICE Trust geared for 2019 tripartite elections with initiatives

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National Initiative for Civic Education NICE Trust has committed to participate in all the 2019 tripartite elections process through public debates, provision of voter registration and monitoring of the entire process.


Speaking at Grace Bandawe at the end of a 2 day workshop for NICE Trust officials, Regional Civic Education Manager Gray Kalindekafe said the aspirants will be given a platform to sell their manifesto and educate voters on the importance of a free and fair election.

Kalindekafe said these initiatives have been put in place to give equal opportunities to voters and candidates in the participation of the elections.

“We are providing platforms for both the candidates and voters. We are deploying a new initiative that will be called 360 degrees civic and voter registration strategy where we will use critical pool of 8000 volunteers to motivate people to go and participate in these critical elections and provide political debates,” he explained.

Kalindekafe said elections are supposed to ensure democratic governance and facilitate peace and political stability therefore measures have been put in place to hold accountable all candidates who will not fulfill their campaign promises.

“We are embarking on what we will call “Fulfill your promises” campaign where we will record and document these promises with the communities and once this person is voted into power, they will demand accountability on how he or she is going to fulfill these promises. We are empowering the communities to hold all public office bearers accountable,” said Kalindekafe.

NICE Trust will soon engage in initiatives that target women aspirants at local and constituency levels to increase women participation in the elections.

“Women representation during general elections has been a mixed bag. In 1994, we had 5.6% representation, 1999 it was at 8.8%, during 3014 eelctions, the number was at 14%, we saw a rise in 2009 to 22% and a decline to 16.5% in 2014 therefore we want the numbers to change in the forthcoming tripartite elections,” explained Kalindekafe.

NICE Tust has a mandate of providing civic and voter registration. During these 2019 elections, the Trust has put in place measures to conduct mobilization rallies, political debate, voting demonstration together with the Malawi Electoral Commission.

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