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First Capital Bank donates K10 million towards flood relief initiative

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In response to the recent devastating floods that hit the country and left thousands of people homeless, First Capital Bank – FCB Plc has donated K10 million towards a relief initiative for the affected.


FCB has since partnered with La Caverna’s “Blue Buckets of Hope” to facilitate the initiative which will enable families within Luchenza, Mulanje and Chikwawa start rebuilding their lives in the wake of the recent floods.

Speaking during the cheque presentation in Blantyre, FCB Acting Chief Executive Officer and Thomas Kadantot said the Bank is very passionate about the well-being of the community it operates in.

“We were deeply concerned by the plight that millions of Malawians faced since the cyclone hit. Through this initiative, the bank intends to assist the small pocket areas where individuals could potentially have been forgotten because FCB believes that as a bank, we can’t make progress if large parts of the population are living in dire straits,” said Kadantot.

Kadantot said the bank has a social responsibility to contribute in providing Malawians with a clean bill of health saying the donation to floods victims demonstrates its long-term commitment to the country.

“We continue to be moved by the plight of Malawians who are failing to access clean water and food due to the hard hitting floods. With thousands of people affected, we could not sit back and watch our countrymen endure such suffering.  It is against this background that the bank has decided to commit MK10 million towards providing support that will go towards the immediate needs of individuals living in Luchneza, Chikhwawa among other communities,” he said.

 La Caverna Arts Gallery Director Lois Losacco thanked FCB for the support saying it will go a long way in providing immediate needs and assistance to the victims.

“We are partnering with various Community Based Organisations and NGOs working directly with the victims in the worst hit areas. We partnered Sotto Sopra, Tiyamike, Kid’s World, and Joshua orphan care centre in the Southern Region. We have been active in their areas for more than 20 years and the knowledge our partners have in supporting the families of flood relief and long-term improvement cannot be underestimated,” said Losacco.

The MK10 million donation will go towards the purchase of Likuni Phala, nutritional food supplements, rice, blankets, and water guard as well as building tool kits to assist community members rebuild their homes.

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