See Africa as development partner not arms seeker, APM tells Russia Summit

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President professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has said that African countries have huge potential and opportunities to develop if their economies are streamlined with global economies.

Mutharika: Addressing Africa-Russia Summit Mutharika: Addressing Africa-Russia Summit

Professor Mutharika said this in his address to the Russia Africa summit currently underway in Sochi, Russia.

He noted that for so long African countries have not been seen as partners in development rather countries seeking for arms in their development.

He said that Africans deserve dignity and respect which has the been denied to them by some of its friends, who have derailed the growth of Africa economically for so many years.

“Africa is the land of great opportunities and Africa has the highest number of resources in the world but despite that, others only chose to see poverty and crisis “. Mutharika spoke before African presidents.


Mutharika said Malawi is on the move to industrialization, a move which Russia has tried and excelled in.


In order for the Malawi’s dream of industrialization to come true, Mutharika invited Russia investors to come to Malawi to bankroll projects in Malawi in major sectors like tourism, education, health, agriculture, energy, mining, manufacture, Security , ICT and financial services.


Mutharika assured fellow Africa nations that Malawi will continue to be committed to ending cross border crimes which hinders development.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced that Moscow has written off more than $20 billion in debt accumulated by African countries during the Soviet era.

While addressing the Russia-Africa forum in Sochi where president professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is in attendance, the Russian leader called for doubled trading activities between Russia and African countries in the next four to five years.

Putin also said that Russia intends to increase its presence in Africa at the state level.

Moscow was a crucial player in Africa in the Soviet era, backing independence movements and training a generation of African leaders.

But its ties with Africa declined with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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