Mec to conduct by-elections in Lilongwe south constituency, Balaka ward

Written by  MBC Online

The Malawi Electoral Commission has announced that following consultations with electoral stakeholders, it has resolved to resume the by election process in Lilongwe south constituency, where it postponed  the process due to violence last year.

Malawians voting in 2019 Malawians voting in 2019 Eldson Chagara / Reuters

 Mec says the official campaign closes on January 28, 2020 at 6.00 in the morning. It further states that voting will be conducted on January 30 and the poll results will be announced on January 31.


“All registered voters in the constituency are encouraged to go in large numbers to exercise their right to vote,” Mec said.


The Commission shall hold a stakeholders’ meeting on January 20 at Malingunde TDC in the constituency where it shall provide all information and release the electoral calendar.


Meanwhile Mec has also announced holding of by-election in Liwawadzi Ward in Balaka north constituency on March 5.


The ward fell vacant following the death of a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councillor, Thomson Thomas Bwanali on October 25, 2019. The Commission says it shall provide all information about the election process and release the electoral calendar in due course.

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