Malawi intensifies joint border patrols to avert COVID-19 spread

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Malawi has intensified joint border patrols to avert the spread of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.


An official at Mwanza border had  said  apart sensitiziting the genetal public on the disease, evils of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, it will also play a vital role in controlling people that have been getting in and outside the country using uncharted routes.

The Government of Malawi has scaled up joint border patrols which include Malawi Defence Force (M.D.F) Police and Immigration along border line in Mwanza District.

The move which will among others sensitive the general public on this deadly COVID-19 global healthy crisis, evils of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, it will also play a vital in controlling people that have been getting in and outside the country using unchartered routes.

"From the word go, the joint team quickly established a widely evidence based response that included cooperation with the communities along the border line, all key stakeholders in the operation which are Healthy, MDF, Police and

 Immigration so that access to information should be available to the key sectors in the exercise considering that infondemic is real in this global healthy crisis," Pasqually Zulu, a spokesman of Mwanza border, said.

He said so far Chikombe, William, Ntasa and Changoima crossing points have been visited by the joint team.

"The team further decided to create strategies to raise awareness in this unprecedented time where taking care of your well being isn't selfish, but it's essential," he added.

However, the response from the general public is overwhelming with the majority indicating that they are still out and about, not knowing how to quarantine themselves since they need to work in order to sirvive.

"But with the awareness in place, mindset change will be key in making sure that we all adhere to advises from healthy personnel where social distancing must be a priority," Zulu added.

Apart from the joint border patrols, Mwanza immigration and Port healthy office have also embarked on a ad hoc roadblocks and snap checks within and outside Mwanza as way of monitoring, screening and surveillance of COVID-19 cases following reports that some travellers defy new border formalities they are exposed to upon arrival at the border.

"Clear message is that those travellers found passing through our borders without proper documentation in relation to *covid-19 clearance pass* that originates from port healthy personnel and Immigration will face the long arm of the law."

The novel corona virus which have defied geographical and political boundaries have brought in a number of norms in society where social distancing, working from home and closure of virtual happy hours have been key messages from the healthy experts.

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