Written by  McDonald Chiwayula
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says the church should seriously consider building character and values to be passed on to posterity.
Chakwera with Salvation Army's leaders at Comesa Hall - Blantyre. Chakwera with Salvation Army's leaders at Comesa Hall - Blantyre.
The Malawi leader  said the youth and all people in the country should uphold values that builds the country not the other way round.
The President was speaking Sunday at Comesa Hall in Blantyre during the induction of Colonel Alfred Banda as  commander of Salvation Army in the country.
Chakwera acknowledged that the early missionaries like Joseph Booth played their part in preparing the church for more challenging responsibilities ahead.
" I appeal to all more particularly on our newly elected leaders. Keep your focus on God. I am glad that we are able  to share values. Values that have to do with how we live our lives today.
" A nation without values, a nation of lawlessness is a nation that curses itself and we refuse to be a cursed nation and  we will change our mindset because we want to embrace values that will build this nation for posterity,"  said the President.
Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said the President has demonstrated that his administration upholds freedom of worship.
She said: "I can recall in the past weeks the President congregated with the Baptists, Presbyterians and today he is here at the Salvation Army. This demonstrates the diversity we have in religion founded on  freedom of worship prevailing in the country."
Colonel Pamela Banda in her sermon said unity was paramount in salvation of souls.
"What made the first church triumph  during the days of apostles to grow in strength was unity as depicted on Acts  2:1. Therefore I urge the church to stand in one accord so we can emulate and surpass the apostles record in salvation of souls," said Banda, who will be responsible for the Women's Ministry.
Since the church opened its doors in the country in 1967, this is the first time it is being led by a Malawian.
The church is also involved in community development projects such as provision of potable water in remote areas through drilling of boreholes among other social services it is engaged in.

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