There was a time when it was unheard of for a Malawian musician to make it anywhere else apart from a few radio airplays and a show here and there within the country.  Well fast forward to 2019 Malawian artists are slowly breaking the glass ceiling and gaining recognition across the boarders. One of the latest to do so is Aemo E'Face, a true son of the soil who clinched a contract with 'Thee' Universal Music Group's Africa division.  He recently released his second single titled "Die For You" which is making waves on the South African Music Scene.  MBC Online recently caught up with the Malawian music export :


Q&A: Ewe, Hip-hop star

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In 2015, the twin duo of Wiza and Westa who trade under the showbiz ID of W-Twice joined forces with Nepman to do a track called Wadutsa Pompa  which is found in their Afana Chimodzimodzi Mixtape. In turn, five girls-Fortune, Danish, Kwin Bee, Enweezy and Ewe did a Wadutsa Pompa remix which they called Ndadutsa Pompo which was meant to discredit the earlier works of W-Twice and Nepman. MBC Online caught up with one of the girls, Ewe, and they discussed the song’s impact on her music journey, and other issues:

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