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APM's Christmas message to Malawi

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Dear Malawians
I greet you all as we celebrate Christmas once again. I am pleased to join all those of Faith, and all Christians across the world in giving thanks to God Almighty, who has led us this far.
The annual commemoration of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ is a most auspicious time for us, as individuals and, as a nation. It is the time to dedicate ourselves to the sacred virtues and ideals that He taught us.

Presidential Christmas card Presidential Christmas card

As angels sing of "Glory in the highest heaven [...] and peace on earth" (Luke 2:14), let me also wish you all peace in you personally and your families, as you we remember the season. And I urge you all to live peacefully with one another.
Let us all therefore resolve this Christmas to make the ideals of peace, harmony, tolerance, love and goodwill to all, even more, manifest in our interactions with others.
Let me use this opportunity to congratulate all Christians who are commemorating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, which marks the beginning of Christianity two thousand (2000) years ago.
It is a season for celebration. Let us celebrate. It is a season of joy. Let us enjoy. But it is also a season of reflection. Reflect seriously.Every time of reflection is a time of self-renewal.
Dear Malawians, I hope we will use this season to renew our souls and energies as a nation, in particular as we are ending one year to begin a new year soon. It is in self-reflection that we internally grow. And it is in reflections of the past that we take the right path into the future.
For many of us here, and all over the world, Christmas is a religious tradition.
It is important to celebrate, enjoy and reflect religiously as we are God-fearing Malawians. It does not help to celebrate wildly, and with over-excitement, because this will only bring accidents, misery and mourning instead of peace and joy.
Let us celebrate in a measured manner, because we need to live to celebrate another time. We cannot allow Christmas to lose its meaning and sense. We cannot celebrate without meaning and sense.
Above all, let us remember the birth of Christ by emulating religious virtues, values and principles that must be foundations of our national development.
On behalf of myself, the First Lady and, my Government, I wish you all Malawians a very joyful and blessed Christmas.
May the Lord God bless you all! Merry Christmas

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