Truck Carrying Subsidy Fertilser overturn in Mzimba

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

A Vehicle Truck belonging to Bouble M Motors in Mzuzu over turned at Msiki area few meters after dunduzu road block in Mzimba district on boxing day.

Communities trying to overturn the truck to rescue victims Communities trying to overturn the truck to rescue victims

The truck which was coming from Mzuzu heading Karonga Direction carried over 100, 50 kg bags of -subsised fertiliser is believed to have killed one person and serious injuring three others on board .


According to Director of Operations in the Malawi Police Service, Senior Deputy Commissior, Clifford Bandawe who also witnessed the incident said the truck registration number NA 1898 is believed to have developed abreak fault forcing it to over speed and upon reaching Msiki area where there is a small road humb the driver lost control of the vehicle before overturning.


"I came here for security, doing my job in the nothern region and when i was passing i came about this fatal accident, as you can this is a great loss: a vehicle, farm inputs, lives," said Commissioner Bandawe.


Bandawe also confirmed that some of the injured people are police officers who acompany vehicles carrying government subsised farm inputs.


"Our officers are among the victims, one person a pedesterian i beleive has died and the driver was rushed to Mzuzu Central Hospital for special medical care."


Bandawe said " You know these big vehicles when they have developed a fault they totally loose control and its difficult to control it".


There was however a conflict between villagers sorrounding the place of incident and police officers.


The villagers claim the traffic police officers may have a hand in the incident while the police thinks otherwise.


One villager who sought for anonmity said prio to the incident the police officers failed to do their job professionary by electing an adhock car check at a slopy area.


"I beleive if this is how the officers will be working we should expect more accidents thisfestive season, how do you expect a vehicle to stop at this place? Obviously its not an ideal place," wondered the villager.


The incident comes when the state president, Professor Peter Mutharika warned pedestrians, drivers and all road users to trade carefully to avoid accidents during the festive season.

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