Cholera attacks Machinga and Zomba districts

Written by  Mustahab Ayami

The Ministry of Health informs the general public that it has received reports of a cholera outbreak in Machinga and Zomba Districts.

Health PS Magwira Health PS Magwira

By 25th December, 2015, Machinga district reported a cumulative total of 19 cholera cases and one death while Zomba district had reported 7 cholera cases and no death. All these cholera cases are from Lake Chilwa area.

The Ministry would therefore like to remind the general public to practice personal hygiene measures at all times.

Cholera can be prevented by: proper use of latrines; washing hands with soap after visiting the toilet, before handling food, before eating food and after changing babies nappies; drinking or using safe treated water (or boiled water) all the time and practising food hygiene.

The general public is also being reminded to wash fruits such as mangos before eating them.

The Ministry of Health is, therefore, calling upon every person that they should go to the nearest hospital or health facility early if they get sick or develop diarrhoea.
In a statement released by the Ministry of Health, the Secretary for Health Dr. M. P. Magwira says his Ministry is doing everything possible to control the cholera outbreak.
"Health workers in all the health facilities are ready to help and treat any member of the community. Medical supplies for cholera treatment are available in all health facilities. Chlorine for water treatment is also being distributed in the communities by Health Surveillance Assistant," reads part of the statement.

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