Justice Minister Msaka hits at increased cases of mob justice

Written by  Mirriam Kaliza

Government has expressed concerns over conduct of some Malawians who take the law into their hands by resorting to mob justice when dealing with situations that require law enforcement.

Msaka: Don't take law into your hands. Msaka: Don't take law into your hands.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Bright Msaka made the remarks in Parliament on Tuesday when he presented a ministerial statement on mob justice.


The minister said it is worrying that cases of mob justice are on the rise as reported through the social media.


He then warned citizens who take the law into their own hands that the long arm of justice will deal with them.

"Mob Justice is not justice, and that is not allowed," said the Minister.


Msaka also said when citizens decide to take laws into their own hands they delay justice by not allowing the processes of finding one guilty to be followed.


He asked citizens to trust the law enforcers and let them do their Job.


"We have systems, we have institutions in this country that are responsible for ensuring that justice is done and that those that commit crimes are appropriately punished," he added.

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