Mpinganjira to enter plea on July 29 in bribery case

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Business person Thomson Mpinganjira is expected to enter plea in a case the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) is accusing him of attempting to bribe the five judges that were hearing the presidential election case.

Mpinganjira: Answering Corruption charges Mpinganjira: Answering Corruption charges

The matter went to court on Tuesday via Zoom video call conference as a Covid-19 precautionary measure, where ACB director general Reyneck Matemba said they are ready to prosecute the case on fast-track and that they have submitted all the documents and the disclosures to the defence.


The presiding High Court judge Dorothy DeGabrielle has indicated that she wants an expedited trial of the case saying it was critical to move forward with the case.


She said she was expecting Mpinganjira to take plea within seven days and trial to commence, but the defence attorneys, who included Patrice Nkhono, could not not commit for court attendance in a week as one of their colleagues had contracted coronavirus and they want to isolate for 14 to 21 days.


Then July 29 was said to be convenient for all parties.


In January this year, ACB arrested Mpinganjira after Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda complained to the bureau that a business person and a public servant wanted to bribe the five judges who presided over the 2019 presidential election case.



The banker, who is currently on bail, is answering charges related to attempting to induce High Court judges Mike Tembo and Healey Potani to exercise their functions corruptly by offering K100 million.


He is also being accused of attempting to induce a public officer to abuse his office by attempting to persuade Tembo and Potani to accept the bribe and rule the election case in Mpinganjira’s preferred favour.



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